From the Director’s Desk – WE ARE EAGLES!!!



Yes! We are excited to start off the year with our NEW mascot…the Eagles!  But, what I am most excited about is the vision it brings with it.  We should not “fly” through life as most do, but rather we should SOAR high above the expectations that others and even we have set for ourselves.  You must have a plan and execute the plan that will get you ready to SOAR through life.

Stay strong, Stay calm (Isaiah 40:31)  There will be one situation that will shake our core or moments that we never expected to face.  These are the instances where we can lose our courage, strength, and faith, if we use our own strength.  But when we put our hope in Christ, our strength is renewed and we can soar like eagles.

Overcome obstacles with love and determination (Phil. 4:13)  We all know it is not if, but when trials come, it is how we face them that will determine our outcome.  The Lord gives us a promise that “we can do all things through Christ which gives us strength.”  God helps us to not only overcome the challenges of life, but our loving God has a greater plan that we usually cannot see right away, but we can bank that it is to help us grow closer to Him and to make us stronger.

Access your skills and abilities (Eph. 2:10) We were made to be different, not the same.  You are probably thinking that we all know this, but too often we want to fit our children and others in a standard mold.  This is not what God intended for us.  God has made you for a purpose, with unique skills and abilities to ultimately fulfill God’s great purpose.  Use your talents and skills to bless others and to unfold great gifts you never knew you had.

Reach High (Col. 3:23) We are bound to get very disappointed in life if we do things for money, to meet our own desires, or to wait for an applause.  Instead, I encourage you that in anything you do, “to work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”   This way you will know that your reward will not only be from the Lord, but it will be better than we can ever imagine.

CFA parents, students, and staff, may we SOAR together so we receive the benefits that God has for us!

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