Marine Biology

A hands-on curriculum in Marine Biology with kayak adventures, snorkeling excursions, animal encounters, and much more.

Pelican Program


The Pelican Program, a hands-on curriculum in Marine Biology, was created with the purpose of revealing the truth found in nature through hands-on study sessions, guided excursions and community programs embracing education. This program will encourage our future leaders and enhance our quality of life on earth.

The Pelican Program has a global mission. It is to share the wonders of the ocean with our future leaders and to inspire them to:

  • Share the wonders of the ocean and raise awareness of marine conservation issues and their solutions.
  • Provide scientifically accurate information on the most endangered and common marine species.
  • Provide education in marine life science along with extensive information on marine conservation.
  • Provide research tools for marine life scientists to find useful resources with information on current research and news. Also, it will highlight the impact of the work they are doing in the marine life sciences.

Academic Excellence

The Pelican Program has the goal of achieving academic excellence through experiential learning. Enhancing the curriculum taught at Christ Fellowship Academy, marine biologists apprentices participate in hands-on study sessions, once a week, where they can put into practice scientific techniques in the process of learning marine sciences.

Christian Leadership

The Pelican Program integrates biblical principles into action. Our marine biologists impact our community while participating in two different leadership programs incorporated into the curriculum.

  • Senior Scientist: Students take leadership roles by caring for animals in the lab and performing experiments during the weekly program. These scientists incorporate the best practices of animal husbandry and lab protocols developing leadership and team building skills.
  • Spiritual Stewards: Our future leaders create a community program to enhance the quality of our city, including environmental actions.

Mission Minded

The Pelican Program runs two different initiatives in the school year to motivate our marine biologists to reach beyond school walls and become agents of change while taking care of God’s creation. Our marine biologists participate in:

  • Floating for Flotsam: The floating for flotsam program is the annual coastal clean up in which marine biologists participating in the Pelican Program will use kayaks to clean the debris found in the waters of Biscayne Bay.
  • Creature Care Program: In partnership with animal foundations such as Pelican Harbor Seabird Station, Turtle Hospital and the Dolphin Research lab, our marine biologists collect items to take care of the animals in these rehabilitation centers with the purpose of becoming care takers of God’s creation.

The Pelican Program is developed in collaboration with Nature Postings Inc. The mission of Nature Postings is providing experiences to reveal the unspoken knowledge of nature through hands-on study sessions, guided excursions and interpretive programs with the purpose of embrace education, encourage individuals and enhance quality of life on earth.