2019-2020 Admissions Showcase

Friday, November 9, 2018 9:00 AM

Welcome to Christ Fellowship Academy!

Thank you for considering Christ Fellowship Academy for your child’s education. At Christ Fellowship Academy, our faculty and staff have been providing Christian education for K2 – 5th grade for more than 40 years.

Three standards make-up our DNA as a school body at Christ Fellowship Academy:

  • Christian Leadership – creating student leaders today for tomorrow’s world through establishing a Biblical foundation and Christian worldview (Proverbs 22:6; 1 Timothy 4:12)
  • Academic Excellence – providing students with an advanced well-rounded education focusing on the various learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile) with an emphasis on developing critical thinkers and problem solvers (Romans 12:2; James 1:5; Proverbs 3:13)
  • Mission Minded – teaching our students that the world is bigger than just us, and that no one is too young to make a difference (Mark 16:15; Mark 10:45; Acts 20:35)

Your decision to have your child attend CF Academy is a direct investment toward their future. The preschool and elementary years are where children develop a sense of self and their view of the world around them. Having them understand that they were created for a purpose by a Creator that immeasurably loves them and giving them a robust academic foundation that will make them confident leaders is priceless. We commend you as parents for making this financial investment now that will directly impact your child’s future. Experience why our CFA families consider us “family”.


Thank you for considering Christ Fellowship Academy for your child’s education.


We'll be happy to answer any Pre-Application questions