Read the Parent/Student Handbook

Placement Policy Agreement

The Philosophy

Our goal is to place students at their proper grade level and in the appropriate class. We believe teachers are the most knowledgeable of their students, and we depend on their professional judgment for recommendations in the formation of new class rosters. We believe this is preferable to having the office staff arbitrarily form a class list. Recognizing that these decisions are not always easy and often difficult, guidelines are used that attempt to satisfy the needs of the majority while remaining sensitive to the possibility of special circumstances.

***No requests for classroom placement will be accepted.***

I pledge my cooperation and support of my child’s placement in the class determined to be best by CFA.  I also understand that my child will not be placed in a classroom until all forms have been completed and submitted to the Admissions Department and all financial obligations are met.

The following will assist, but not be the only evaluative measures, in determining formation of class rosters.

1. Academic readiness shall be considered so as not to impede progress of the individuals or group.

2. Interpersonal relationships shall be weighed to enhance a classroom environment that is easily managed.

3. Developmental concerns shall be evaluated to promote the greatest possibility for the group’s advancement.

4. Factors relative to required teacher-pupil ratio, proper mix of sexes, and potential teacher-pupil personality conflicts, shall be deemed significant when applicable.

5. Child must be of age to enter respective grade level as of September 1 of current school year.

6.  All students entering the K3 5-day program and up must be fully potty trained prior to the first day of school.

Statement of Cooperation

1. I pledge my cooperation and support to the teachers and administrators of Christ Fellowship Academy in the training and discipline of my child. I understand that paying the tuition and necessary fees are not the only parental responsibilities I have in educating my child. I recognize my need to contribute in service and prayer to properly share in the support of the Christ Fellowship Academy ministry.

2. I will attend, to the best of my ability, the parent/teacher meetings and school activities as a demonstration of my cooperation and support for the Christ Fellowship Academy ministry in their effort to educate my child. I pledge my loyalty to the Christ Fellowship Academy ministry. To ensure that I do not diminish this ministry’s effectiveness or reputation, I will bring any and all questions and criticisms to the proper school authority.

3. I understand my child may be dismissed from Christ Fellowship Academy at any time he/she is found to be out of harmony with the rules and policies of the school. Further, we realize as parents/guardians, we also must be in harmony with the rules and policies of the school, and if we are in discord, our children will be removed from Christ Fellowship Academy.

4. I have read, completely understand and agree to abide by the Parent-Student Handbook (as posted on the school’s website cfacademy.org)

5. I understand that all students (K2-6th grade), are required to comply with Christ Fellowship Academy’s uniform and dress code as stated in the school Dress Code, and agree to assist my child in complying with the dress code requirements.  I further acknowledge that failure to comply with the dress code will result in disciplinary action.

6. I give my child permission to take part in all activities including sports and school-sponsored trips off campus. Parents who would like to attend and be a chaperone during their child’s field trip or day trip must complete a background check form and be cleared prior to the field trip. No CFA parent will be allowed to chaperone or attend field trips without a cleared background check. (Notices and permission forms will be provided for field trips and class trips).

7. Beyond the reasonable care I can expect for my child at Christ Fellowship Academy, I will not hold Christ Fellowship Academy or its employees or Christ Fellowship or its employees, liable in case of injury or death to my child. Furthermore, I give my consent and authorize the school to obtain, through a physician of its choice, such medical care as is reasonably necessary for the welfare of my child if I am not immediately available to give such consent.

8. I understand the policy of the school is to make no refunds on registration, school improvement fees or after-school program fees.

9.  I understand that should my address, telephone number, email address and other contact information, marital status, or place of employment change, it is my responsibility to make the changes online or to notify the school office and update my child(ren)’s file(s).

10. I pledge my cooperation in bringing my child to school on time each day unless an emergency occurs preventing me from doing so. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the school regarding absences of my child(ren).

11. I am aware of the tuition on the schedule of tuition and fees, and agree to pay this amount.  I understand that tuition is due on the 1st of each month and that if my payment is not received in the business office by the 10th of the month a $50.00 late fee will be assessed.  I am aware that report cards will not be issued to students whose accounts are 30 days or more past due.  I am aware if my account becomes 60 days past due my student(s) will be suspended from class.  I also understand that a $50.00 fee will be charged to my account for any items returned by the bank.

12. I understand that withdrawal from Christ Fellowship Academy will require a parent/legal guardian signature and a $50.00 withdrawal fee will be assessed, and that final grades or transcripts will not be released unless the financial account is fully paid.

13. I am aware that photographs are taken on the school property and at school events and agree to release Christ Fellowship Academy and Christ Fellowship from any and all liabilities in connection with including my student in photographs used in advertising for the school.  The advertising includes, but is not limited to, the school web site, web pages, school brochures, school videos, and yearbooks.

Acceptable Use of Technology

1. It is a privilege to use the electronic technology.

2. Responsible users may use the technology to research assigned classroom projects under the supervision of classroom teachers.

3. Responsible users must use approved web sites only.

4. Responsible users may NOT:

a) Use the technology for any illegal purpose such as plagiarism.
d) Change any computer files that do not belong to the user.
c) Violate the rules of common sense and etiquette.
b) Use impolite or abusive language.
e) Send or get copyright materials without permission.

If the rules above are not followed, student use of technology will be cancelled. If a student damages any equipment, the student and student’s family will pay for the repair or replacement of the items.

I understand the Technology Guidelines and I will follow the rules. If I do not follow the rules, I understand that my technology privileges will be taken away. In addition, I will face disciplinary consequences.

I have read this Acceptable Use of Technology & Use of Technology Agreement. I give permission for my child to use the technology, including the INTERNET. I understand that the INTERNET is a worldwide group of hundreds of thousands of computer networks. I do know that Christ Fellowship Academy, and Christ Fellowship does not control the content of the INTERNET networks. At school, each student’s access to and use of the network will be under the teacher’s discretion and monitored as a regular instructional activity. Christ Fellowship Academy cannot prevent the possibility that some users may access material that is not consistent with the educational mission, goals and policies of CF Academy. Further, I understand that if my child damages any equipment, I /we will be obligated to pay for the repair or replacement of the damaged equipment. Technology privileges will be assigned upon receipt of this signed consent agreement.

Terms and Conditions

I have read the Christ Fellowship Academy Statement of Faith, Philosophy of Education and Aspirations. I agree to have my child taught by these convictions. I have read the Parent-Student Handbook, Discipline Policies, Placement Policy, Dress Code Policies and Financial Policy. I agree with these policies, and expect my child to abide by them. If necessary, I agree that my child should and will be disciplined by CF Academy for non-conformance. I permit CF Academy Administration to discipline and counsel my child as necessary. I grant my permission for my child to attend and participate in school activities at CF Academy and to local points of interest or off-campus sites. I will cooperate with CF Academy to my fullest capability and support its Mission, Ministry, Goals, Programs, Administration, Faculty and Staff. I also understand that my child will not be placed in a classroom until all forms have been completed and submitted to the Admissions Department and all financial obligations are met.