K2/K3 3day

Our Philosophy


At Christ Fellowship Academy, we hold a very dear responsibility to instill the love of learning in our students. Our Lil’Eagles Preschool Program provides a safe, healthy and engaging environment that fosters growth in your child’s development. Our team plans and implements a faith based curriculum that targets each preschooler’s physical, cognitive, social-emotional and spiritual growth.

We provide a structured environment that consists of hands-on learning paired with academics. We emphasize a Center-based, hands-on approach to learning that integrates motor skills, habits, listening, language, early literacy, scientific investigation and cultural lessons. Our early childhood educators also provide instructions that is developmentally appropriate and differentiated to meet the needs of all their students.

The environment and social interaction is key to your child’s cognitive development. Therefore, our preschool exhibits a fun, social environment where young children are given endless opportunities to engage in meaningful experiences. Above all, Christ Fellowship’s Lil’Eagles Preschool Program is a Christ loving environment that exists to surround your child with the love of God that overflows around us.

Program Specifics


K2/K3 3-day Inchworm program

Our 3-day preschool program option is designed especially with our two and three year olds in mind. This option provides a smooth transition from the home to eventual full day preschool program. Each 3-day program runs half-day or full-day every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (except on holidays or no school days), and includes a mixed-age group of two and three year olds. The 3-day program option includes part of the Bob Jones Press curriculum, daily Bible lessons and once a week chapel time, snack time, potty-training program, arts & crafts, music, gardening, Spanish, library, Preschool Learning Center, and supervised playground time/ outside play. Those students who stay for our full-day program will take part in lunch and nap time. **Students in our 3-day transitional program do not have to be potty trained; however, they are required to wear a pull-up to school if they are not.** Lunch is not provided for half-day students.

This program is available half-day ( 8:15-12:00pm) or full day ( 8:15-2:00pm – including a nap).

Specialty Classes


In addition to the curriculum and activities followed in the classroom, these enrichment classes are included in the program.


A hands-on lab, once a week, where children learn scientific concepts at their level. They will participate in activities such as classifying rocks and minerals, making fossils out of play-do, mixing safe chemicals, planting seeds, and much more.


A high-energy class, once a week, where children learn about early music theory ( tempo, beat, etc.), composers, the use of different instruments, rehearsing for their music production that takes place in the Spring and much more.


Our Spanish teacher, once a week, leads children in conversational Spanish while following the Spanish version of our curriculum. Letters, colors, numbers, shapes, and more are taught in a fun way through the use of puppets, Spanish books, projects, and more.


A literature-rich class, once a week, that incorporates different book series to encourage the love of reading in the smallest of our students. Children will engage with storytelling and song while learning about different authors and real-world thematic concepts. Children are invited to attend our book fairs throughout the year, book author visits, and our “Reading under the Stars” night event.


Students go to recess, our playground, daily where gross motor development thrives through climbing, running, jumping, hopping, skipping and taking turns.


A world of learners where students gain a passport to the world