From the Director’s Desk – Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year!  I always get excited about the new year.  It brings a feeling of hope and opportunity for the next coming phase of our lives.  As parents, we should take the new year as a time to reflect, evaluate, and make necessary changes to our lives in order to make things better for our children and family. We have the choice, the influence, and the power to make an impact and difference. I pray you might consider the following as we start the 2019 year together:

1) Don’t look back on any setbacks or disappointments from last year. We can learn from them and move forward!
2) Stay positive and motivated by knowing that in everything we say or do, we should aim to glorify God.  It will energize us and keep us going throughout the day!  Remember our children will learn to follow our example from what we do, not from what we say.
3) Let’s work smarter, not harder!  Being organized, intentional, and timely helps our daily routine and children thrive when they have a schedule and they know what to expect. 
4) Spice up your life at home and at work and have fun in the process. We can enjoy our children so much more each day!
5) Building a support system is necessary for parents.  There are times when we need encouragement, wisdom, and even truth as we raise our children.  Finding that support with friends, church family, or in a small group can help strengthen you in difficult times.  

Be proactive, be determined, and be wise…and see the blessings that come to you and your children.