1st – 3rd grade

Our Philosophy


Christ Fellowship Academy has been established for over 40 years and the one thing we have heard repeatedly is that this is a “special place… a school like no other.”  It is a school where you have teachers that genuinely care, administrators that hear your concerns, and an environment that is safe and nurturing where continual growth is taking place.  We are committed to educate the whole child spiritually, physically, and academically.  We offer a curriculum that provides a biblical worldview with academic rigor. Our goal is to provide an excellent education that fosters a collaborative, technology-rich learning program that is spiritually focused to build character in our students so they may be equipped and prepared for the future.

We offer a hands-on learning approach that promotes critical thinking skills.  In addition, our students are engaged in STEM (integrating science, technology, engineering, and math) projects in order to explore and problem solve, while maintaining strong foundational skills.

Program Specifics


Our 1st – 3rd grade program provides a comprehensive education. Children are exposed to two world renowned Christian curriculums. They learn arithmetic, spelling, phonics and writing instruction, Bible, Reading, Science and Social Studies. Cursive writing is introduced at the end of 1st grade. In addition, they engage in a variety of hands on activities, reading groups, centers and projects – all in efforts to compliment the curriculum and offer the best possible Christian educational experience. Teachers use the STAR Test along with other assessment tools in order to assess and develop skills in fluency, accuracy and comprehension.

Specialty Classes


In addition to the curriculum and activities followed in the classroom, these enrichment classes are included in the program.


A hands-on lab, once a week, where children learn scientific concepts at their level. They will participate in activities such as classifying rocks and minerals, making fossils out of play-do, mixing safe chemicals, planting seeds, and much more.


A high-energy class, once a week, where children learn about early music theory ( tempo, beat, etc.), composers, the use of different instruments, rehearsing for their music production that takes place in the Spring and much more.


Our Spanish teacher, twice a week, leads children in conversational Spanish while following the Spanish version of our curriculum. Letters, colors, numbers, shapes, and more are taught in a fun way through the use of puppets, Spanish books, projects, and more.


A literature-rich class, once a week, that incorporates different book series to encourage the love of reading in the smallest of our students. Children will engage with storytelling and song while learning about different authors and real-world thematic concepts. Children are invited to attend our book fairs throughout the year, book author visits, and our “Reading under the Stars” night event.


A technologically-rich class, once a week, where students are guided through different computer programs that complement curriculum aspects happening in the classroom; letter recognition, hand/eye coordination, and more.


Students go to recess, our playground, daily where gross motor development thrives through climbing, running, jumping, hopping, skipping and taking turns.


An Art class, once a week, that incorporates all different types of paint, sculptures, canvases, and more. Children will engage with our SmartBoard to take virtual museum tours where they also learn more about art history.


A hands-on curriculum in Marine Biology, once a week, that offers students kayak adventures, snorkeling excursions, animal encounters, and much more.


A world of learners where students gain a passport to the world