Placement Policy Agreement

The Philosophy

Our goal is to place students at their proper grade level and in the appropriate class. We believe teachers are the most knowledgeable of their students, and we depend on their professional judgment for recommendations in the formation of new class rosters. We believe this is preferable to having the office staff arbitrarily form a class list. Recognizing that these decisions are not always easy and often difficult, guidelines are used that attempt to satisfy the needs of the majority while remaining sensitive to the possibility of special circumstances.

***No requests for classroom placement will be accepted.***

I pledge my cooperation and support of my child’s placement in the class determined to be best by CFA.  I also understand that my child will not be placed in a classroom until all forms have been completed and submitted to the Admissions Department and all financial obligations are met.

The following will assist, but not be the only evaluative measures, in determining formation of class rosters.

1. Academic readiness shall be considered so as not to impede progress of the individuals or group.

2. Interpersonal relationships shall be weighed to enhance a classroom environment that is easily managed.

3. Developmental concerns shall be evaluated to promote the greatest possibility for the group’s advancement.

4. Factors relative to required teacher-pupil ratio, proper mix of sexes, and potential teacher-pupil personality conflicts, shall be deemed significant when applicable.

5. Child must be of age to enter respective grade level as of September 1 of current school year.

6.  All students entering the K3 5-day program and up must be fully potty trained prior to the first day of school.