K5 – Kindergarten
Our Kindergarten program offers an excellent education that fosters a collaborative, technology-rich learning program that is spiritually focused to build character in our students so they may be equipped and prepared for the future.
1st – 3rd grade
Students are exposed to two world renowned Christian curriculums and engage in a variety of hands on activities, reading groups, centers and projects .
4th – 5th grade
STEM, STEAM, laptops, hands-on projects for Math & Science, IXL Math, and critical & problem solving strategies are incorporated- all in efforts to compliment the curriculum and offer the best possible Christian educational experience.
K2 or K3 5day
Our K2 & K3 program's curriculum targets areas of cognition, social, emotional, physical & spiritual in a fun and energetic setting.
Age Group 2 & 3 year olds
Class Size 12-16 Students
Teachers 2 Teachers
K2/K3 3day
Our 3-day preschool program option is designed especially with our two and three year olds in mind. This option provides a smooth transition from the home to eventual full day preschool program.
Age Group 2 - 3 year olds
Class Size 10-12 Students
Teachers 2 Teachers
K4 Full Day
Our K4 Full Day Program provides the tools necessary to meet each child’s needs. It provides the opportunity for prekindergarten students to learn at their own developmental level and ability.
Age Group 4 year olds
Class Size 14-18 Students
Teachers 2 Teachers