From the Director’s Desk – Getting Ready for Testing

During April 5-13, 2018, we will have OLSAT/SAT testing.  Our teachers have been diligent in preparing our students for the SAT’s.  Here are some helpful tips for you to follow:
Parent Tips
  • Put your child to bed early in order for them to have a good night’s rest before test day
  • Boost their energy with a nutritious breakfast before school
  • Have them go to the restroom before arriving at school
  • Attendance and arriving on time is of the utmost importance
  • Send a sweater with them
  • Encourage your child to listen carefully to all the test instructions and to ask when they do not understand
  • Inspire them to do their best and to check their answers
  • Pray with them every morning
  • Write positive notes that motivate them.  Leave the notes on their mirror(s), lunchbox, or anywhere else they can find them
Finally,  celebrate with them and tell them they have worked very hard to this point and this is the time for them to shine and show off their skills and abilities.
Thank you so much parents for partnering up with us and the support you provide each day.  We appreciate each one of you!