VIP Meeting – “Security Information”

We watch the news and see the headlines.  As a school, we want our parents to be aware of the steps we have taken to ensure that safety is our top priority.  Mr. Roger Hammer, CF/CF Academy’s Director of Security, attended our VIP meeting and discussed details on our trainings, processes and procedures and answered parent’s questions.

These were just some of the details highlighted:

  • Our Administration and the Security team are in constant communication.
  • Mr. Hammer, our Director of Security, has direct communication with our local police officers.
  • There is a direct communication link protocol that has been put in place between Mr. Hammer and the Miami-Dade Police Department if something were to happen.
  • Our teachers and staff members have gone through the Active Shooter Training each year for the last 4 years.
  • Our teachers have a plan in place if an active shooter would come into our property.
  • We have monthly Code Red Drills and Fire Drills with our students, teachers, and staff.