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Hurricane Irma

School resumes on Monday, September 18, 2017 

This has been a devastating storm for many, CF and CFA have partnered with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief team and the Red Cross to help our community during this difficult time.  We have many people hurting and in need of food, and we want to reach out and be a blessing to them.  The Relief kitchen and supplies will be stationed in our south parking lot area which will also be used as the distribution point.  Due to the fact that there will be a lot of activity in the south parking lot, we will relocate our drop off and pick up areas.  

Morning Drop Off 

Morning Drop Off will be relocated to the east circular driveway.  Our security guard will also be stationed there during our drop off and pick up times.  

ESD Morning Drop Off:  6:30 – 7:55 am 

Students will enter through the east glass doors and an ESD worker will be walking them to the ESD room.

Morning Drop Off:  8:00 – 8:15 am 

We will have our specialty teachers helping with our traffic flow.  Please enter through the 168th street entrance.  If you need to park you may do so by the basketball courts and field area.  If you drop off your child, please drive through the east circular driveway (you must remain in your car in the drop off line).  You then will exit by the south parking lot on 170th street.    

Dismissal Procedures- Pick Up Schedule

VPK only 11:30 am dismissal– west circular driveway as usual

Noon Dismissal for K2-K3 (12:00-12:30 pm) – Park in the grassy empty lot on 90th avenue, across the street from the west circular driveway.  We will have volunteers helping with the parking and the cross walk, and you will enter through the west gate opening. 

Full day K2-K4 and K5 (2:15-2:30 pm) – Park in the grassy empty lot on 90th avenue and enter through the west gate opening.   K5 parents will be able to drive through the west circular driveway to pick up their child. 

1st -3rd grade (3:15-3:30 pm) – east circular driveway as usual   

4th-6th grade (3:15-3:30 pm) – west circular driveway

ESD afternoon pick up (3:30-6:00 pm) entrance will be by the east circular driveway.  Parents may park by the basketball courts or by the east circular driveway.  

Academy Office Access

If you need to pick up your child throughout the day at non-dismissal times, you will need to enter through the east glass doors.  Our security guard will be stationed in that area to help direct you to the office.  

Special Events Updates

Due to the devastating storm, we will not reschedule Grandparent’s Day or Reading under the Stars, and we will also cancel the Pelican Program field trip that is scheduled on Tuesday, Sept. 19th. We will let you know about the rescheduling of our Picture Day, Back to School picnic, and Book Fair event. 

Lunch Logistics

Since the Southern Baptist Relief team is stationed at our school, they are offering meals to our students.  We will not be able to know what is being served, but it will be one meat, two vegetables, bread, and a dessert.  Our students may either order a meal from them or they may bring lunch from home.  We will let you know when we will begin serving our CFA lunches.

After School Activities

After school activities will also resume on Monday, September 18th and will continue as scheduled.